The Cooking Chronicles: A Debut

I’ve decided to start adding my thoughts and experience regarding cooking, which is one of my favorite activities.  Cooking offers some parallels to the overall theme of risk-taking I’m so fond of extolling in these pages.   That’s what I hope to explore anyway.  At its best, cooking is improvisational, highly creative, personal, which could well describe any worthwhile business venture.

One of the highlights of last week’s blackout-induced stay-at-home camping experience was some creative cooking.  Several fine dishes from our kitchen.  The tomatoes were plump and bursting on the vine, so we made some delicious fresh salsa that was eaten fast (so no need for the idle refrigerator).  A dozen or so ripe peaches offered themselves in a peach salsa that was very tasty with grilled pork loin chops.  (Thankfully, we had propane for the barbecue.)  A trip to the farmers market resulted in more tasty peaches, which we worked into jam:

Peach Jam, 2011


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